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Does anyone here have Myofacial Pain Syndrome and if so how do you treat it?

posted about 12 hours ago by A MyChronicPainTeam User

I rerad your question. I was addicted ti opiates for over 7 yyears and it eas not pleasent at all.Getting clean took slx years at a methadone clinic..I did stsrt ew a… read more

posted about 6 hours ago

Do you keep a pain diary? How has it helped?

posted about 19 hours ago by A MyChronicPainTeam User
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If I did a pain diary it would turn out to be a novel within a month.

posted about 5 hours ago

work from home

im wanting to start working from home as im no longer really able to get out and do physical work but not sure how to go about it , wondering if anyone here has ever or is working from home? if so how did you get started and where did you start , any info or tips or if someone would like to talk about it would be greatly appreciated , thanks everyone

tags: work from home

posted 3 days ago by A MyChronicPainTeam User
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ann sorry to hear that , i cant work , really but its either work or die in my case ..... i really cant set apart the scams from the real stuff when i search online

posted 1 day ago

What activity do you guys do to escape or distract from your pain?

When my pain isn't too bad, I play soft, relaxing music on my acoustic guitar. Feels like a mini vacation from my pain.

tags: distraction #Back Pain Headaches and Migraines Academics and Music Therapy

posted 7 days ago by A MyChronicPainTeam User
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I like doing cross words take my mind of the pain

posted 2 days ago

Has anybody tried Cannabis Oil?

posted 7 days ago by A MyChronicPainTeam User
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I have just tried the fake stuff as not legal yet in Australia & it actually help dull things. I can only imagine what the real thing would be like

posted 5 days ago

How best to keep Lidocaine plaster to feet

Just been prescribed lidocaine plaster to help with nerve pain in soles of feet, but I am not sure how best to keep them stuck to my sole. I have tried a film dressing on top but they still seem to move. Anybody have any other suggestions?

posted 8 days ago by A MyChronicPainTeam User
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Saran Wrap, use it like an elastic wrap , it doesnt need to be real tight as u wrap

posted 4 days ago

How do you feel when a non chronic pain person compares their pain to yours?

For example someone you know says to you that they've had a back ache for the last two days and say they understand what you've been going thru with your back pain that you've suffered for the last 10 years. What's your feelings about that? And how do you respond?

posted 8 days ago by A MyChronicPainTeam User
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@A MyChronicPainTeam User don't worry or stress I'm pretty sure we all knew what u ment & where your coming from
It is disgusting that you were mocked I just can't… read more

posted about 5 hours ago

How do you keep up with the house work when your in pain all the time?

I can't keep up with everything, its so upsetting my house is a mess and i can't seem to fix it. My home was never like this before i got sick. the stress just makes my pain worse.

posted 9 days ago by A MyChronicPainTeam User
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i have a daughter but she tends to make more mess than she cleans. LOL
yes Suann, I hate it too, i do get some help but it stresses me causes i feel that some people… read more

posted about 10 hours ago

I'm trying to make some changes to my diet. What foods do you recommend and what foods should I avoid? I have OA in both knees

posted 10 days ago by A MyChronicPainTeam User
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eat proteins, lose the carbs, gluten free would be nice..I eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies, I drink a lot of V8, only because I love it, be sure to do your… read more

edited, originally posted 4 days ago

How do you manage your medications when memory problems are a part of your disease?

I am curious as to how everyone with memory problems that comes with having diseases that contribute to memory loss. I do have my meds in a week pill holder. The problem is I don't know if I've taken them once or twice. I find at times the day of the week is missing, or I skip over a day. It's getting a bit scary for me.
Do y'all keep a record or something that helps you stay on track?

tags: medications Sjogrens

posted 11 days ago by A MyChronicPainTeam User
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I have a doset pack for the week with morn arvo dinner & bed compartments. I have a print out of med's & when to have them (also good for hospital stays) and… read more

posted 5 days ago
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