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Anyone on Embeda. If so are you happy with results?

posted 3 days ago by A MyChronicPainTeam User
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Actually that is not accurate,it is an old drug and since there are so many newer better antidepressants it is rarely used that way. However like… read more

posted about 13 hours ago
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I don’t understand why when I watched a video from a hospital in my state says that my pain is all in my head ???

If my pain is in my head then WHY DO I HURT SOO BAD !!! You can’t even poke me with out hurting me !!!

posted 3 days ago by A MyChronicPainTeam User

The pain is only partly in our heads as in the brain is the control center of the body. Neuropathways are formed over time and shoot pain signals to… read more

posted 3 days ago
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I don’t know what to do. My old doctor of 8 years prescribed medication which was effective in treating my symptoms, but since I moved my new doctor won’t prescribe the same meds. I’ve she’s put me on a bunch of new meds which only made things much worse and even though I’ve explained to her how the new meds doesn’t work but only make things 10 x worse she just won’t prescribe the stuff that works.

posted 4 days ago by A MyChronicPainTeam User
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We had the same problem when we moved. We played good little soldiers for six months of methadone...slept for six months! Got NOTHING done. Couldn’t… read more

posted about 24 hours ago
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I'm looking for others with Hidradenitis suppurativa.

Hello I'm new here and looking for others who may share my diagnosis of Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS) it is a chronic skin disease that effects the sweat glands and causes boil like leasions there can be extensive tunneling from one to another it is a horrible debilitating PAINFUL disease. I have had HS since I was 15yrs old I am now 56. I have had so many I&Ds I can't even begin to guess how many over the years. I have had several years of surgerys and I… read more

posted 6 days ago by A MyChronicPainTeam User
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Alternatives to shoulder joint replace

posted 8 days ago by A MyChronicPainTeam User
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I believe there is some kind of silicon injection but haven't properly checked it out as yet & it is expensive

posted 5 days ago
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Does anyone know of pain management clinics in PA?

I'm currently living in Hawaii, but needing to do dual residency in PA and the only thing holding me back is finding a pain management clinic/doctor that will continue me on the same regimine as I'm currently taking. The place I'm buying is righ along the MD border, so clinics there would be an option also. I'm all set to put an offer in on a place to reside today. Any ideas?

posted 9 days ago by A MyChronicPainTeam User

If you're on the border, how far are you from Johns Hopkins? My sister goes to a pain clinic there. Just an idea.

posted about 13 hours ago
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Well this is a bad day. Ever feel like everything bad seems to seek out your depression days?

So yeah I had aqua therapy yesterday and I am in pain today, we are both depressed and trying to get through it and we just found out Anthony Bourdain committed suicide, due to depression! On top of all this, there are certain people who I am trying to distance myself from, that won't quit texting me in an attempt to pull me back in. I am already in pain, am depressed, they disrespected that and caused me trouble and I… read more

posted 10 days ago by A MyChronicPainTeam User
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So sorry to hear that. I see my doctor tomorrow and hoping she’ll fill mine too. I ran out early because of the pain

posted 7 days ago
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why are Tags appearing on some of my photos

T. Jefferson Hospital is the latest tag on my Tazzie21 reply regarding her 2 cats keeping her sane

edited, originally posted 11 days ago by A MyChronicPainTeam User
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I have no idea???

posted 11 days ago
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Lumbar spine surgery, should I?

Diagnosed with severe Lumbar spinal stenosis. Orthopedic doc recommended laminectomy and fusion. Decided to go to a neurosurgeon for second opinion. He also recommended laminectomy on three vertebrae and fusion on three vertebrae. I won't kid you, I'm scared. Is the surgery going to work, relieve me of pain? How long is the recovery? He says it could be 6-12 months! Anyone had this experience? I've had two knee replacements and two cancer surgeries in the last 18 years. I hate the… read more

posted 14 days ago by A MyChronicPainTeam User
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I, on the other hand, found the aftermath of back surgery to be a living nightmare. Would NEVER let them talk me into another back surgery. My husband,… read more

posted 3 days ago
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