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Botulinum Toxin Injection

Can it be used for chronic plantar fasciitis

posted about 9 hours ago by A MyChronicPainTeam User

What triggers have you found make your pain worse? How do you avoid them?

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posted about 10 hours ago by A MyChronicPainTeam User
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Weather-impending rain, rain, cold. Also activity levels and stress. I try to "count my spoons" for activity but you can't control the weather or… read more

posted about 3 hours ago

Where can I go to get Hydrocone prescribed for me?

The doctors that diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia will only give me Gabapentin...which makes me very sleepy. They say they don't care if Hydrocodone helps or not, they wont prescribe it. I am miserable every day. I get lightening pains through out my body all day. I also have a hard time with my legs. I take one Hydrocodone for the whole day and it works. I realized it worked for me when I had some dental work done and was prescribed Hyrocodone. I felt like a… read more

posted 1 day ago by A MyChronicPainTeam User
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I'd also like to say that I was on opiods for yrs. They began to not work. Or the script was always increased. Then I had a morphine pump emplanted.… read more

posted about 6 hours ago


I have been taking hydrocodone for years, it's the only thing that has made me a productive working women. Now I'm being weaned off now my Dr wants to give me nsaids. I told him I've tried it all.

posted 1 day ago by A MyChronicPainTeam User
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Why can't we do as they did when celebrex was taken off the market? They went to the government and it was put back on the market because of ppl's… read more

posted about 9 hours ago

Has anyone ever had a seizure from a migraine?

posted 2 days ago by A MyChronicPainTeam User
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I use to shake uncontrollably with migraine in the past, and my body go dead down one side but through the menopause they seem to have eased a lot. I… read more

posted 1 day ago

cervical fusions

Just got back from the neurologist, not good. many years ago i had a fusion of c-4,5, & 6. Now the other levels are bad and he wants to do a fusion of c-3 thru t-2. Has anyone had this done?

posted 6 days ago by A MyChronicPainTeam User
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I had a lumbar fusion in 1998 at L4-5. I have this vivid memory of asking the surgeon if he would do it if the situation were reversed. He said, "if you… read more

posted 4 days ago

Has anyone had Gastric bypass surgery?

I'm looking into having gastric bypass surgery to help with weight loss in hopes of it helping the chronic pain I deal with daily. My biggest concern is that I might make another healthcare issue. A few of the meds I take cause weight gain so just dieting doesn't make the scale move much. I'm hoping with the sleeve and taking my stomach down to 1/3 of its size will help me get past the medication issue. So if anyone has had this done please share what kind of outcome you… read more

posted 7 days ago by A MyChronicPainTeam User
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I gave many friends, at least 5,who gave had success with the sleeve. It has helped them with other health issues. I haven't heard a single say anything… read more

posted 1 day ago

Has anyone else had issues with your insurance denying pain medication?

My insurance just told me I can no longer be covered for my long acting pain meds. They want me mental health tested - tested for addiction and abuse and want to know why non-narcotic meds are not sufficient. I have bone/blood cancer
Take 2 Tylenol and I am all better???
It's crazy. My doctor has been inundated with similar things - she is part of a cancer team and sees people thru hospice.

What is going on? Share please.

What do I do? Just… read more

posted 7 days ago by A MyChronicPainTeam User
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Most times your Dr can fill out an additional form to get it passed the insurance regulations, my Dr's do this for me all the time. Still there are a… read more

posted 7 days ago

Anyone in the Sacramento area have a good PCP and Pain Management doc?

I went to my pain management doc on Thursday. He is being highly scrutinized by the medical board and thus, not only did they immediately discontinue all patients from Soma last year, but now, by June all patients must be weaned off of opiates. What the heck is pain management for? He cut my Norco by 60 this month. I need a new pain management doc and also am looking for a new primary. I live about 30 miles east of Sacramento. Any suggestions… read more

tags: Chronic Pain Manager Family primary care.

posted 7 days ago by A MyChronicPainTeam User
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I have an amazing Pain Management Dr. in Oroville. His name is Dr N Brar. He is also an Associate Professor at the University of San Francisco Hospital!… read more

posted 6 days ago

Anyone else have little kids and chronic pain?

How do you deal with living with chronic pain while dealing with your young kids? If you have a toddler or younger? Especially in your worse pain days?

posted 8 days ago by A MyChronicPainTeam User
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I was going through chemo when my kids were little, so I kind of remember it. Blues clues videos, easy to set up crafts, reading books to them,… read more

posted 6 days ago
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