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National Pain Report...a Must Read For Everyone Fighting Back For Medication!!!!!
A MyChronicPainTeam Member asked a question 💭

I happened upon a survey/Questioner from the national pain report. They are fighting back amongst the effects the opioid crisis is having, tying our doctors hands in properly treating us with the medications we need. They collected 1700 questioners along with each patients stories. A few weeks ago their findings and recommendations were brought before the F D A. We are fighting back!!!!! The findings and recommendations can be found in part one and part two of the report. They do have a… read more

posted July 22, 2018
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A MyChronicPainTeam Member

Absolutely agree thats ehy we all need to join our nationsl group on Facebook for DONT PUNISH PAIN RALLY GROUP thats national page then join state page wherever tou live like for example im from PA so i joined pa rally group thats my stage page stsd io and rally eorh usd Vlaudia Miranda is the founder of the DONT PUNISH PAIN RALLY GROUP .we rally for the right to effectively be treated with whatever works. Opioid pain meds , marijuana, CPD ( oil and ointments) , krantom , alternative tx ( they do work for some people or the work wit the meds but ins dont want to. Pay for them) ect. Or issues with pharmacist refusing to fill our meds . Alot of it due to Andrew Kolodnys propaganda and falsified research hiven to CDC the head of CDC WHICH HE NEW and worked with back in new york when he had his rehabs . So secretly him and HIS GROUP PROP ( physi for responsible opioid prescribing ) and other anti opioid zealots devised the CDC guidelines in secret based on fasified research , exaggerated data and statistics and the guidelines (were born) and out and weaponized by all against us the DEA , DOJ , PHARMACIST / PHARMACIES , INS . CO , DOCTORS , POLITICIANS ECT. and we are the ones left torchered and suffering committing suicide or turning to the streets and accidentally overdosing ( not looking for high but relief from under treated or untreated horrific intractable /chronic pain . This has to stop . Also have dr of courage page and pts united group check them out. Sorry have to go to therapy have a good day i never do most days in horrific torcherous pain due to guidelines taking aeay my right to the effective meds and doses i was on . Just glad I atleast get some opiods just not what was effectively working but others get nothing and thats disgusting to let someone suffer like this.ok god bless everyone who suffers with debilitating pain

posted December 21, 2020
A MyChronicPainTeam Member

I have not been on here in quite awhile. During that time I have listened to more of what's being said about (opioid crisis
This is mostly being led by a few who refuse to take responsibility for their actions, and the main stream media who leads the public around with numerous lies about everything, they are the ones pressuring the politicians, who then pressure the CDC to change the rules and only because the parents of those that choose to abuse opioids donate large sums of cash to the politicians we all know or should that every professional politician alway act for those that give them money. Unfortunately for us we do not have money to bribe the se of proclaimed honest politician's. Its obvious that anyone in government more than a few years is corrupt the world over no country is immune. In the U.S. people will not receive equal attention from politicians until we have term limits for every office, and it is apparent high ranking long term government employees who abuse their power over the public possibly to achieve their political ends or just to push the public because they can and still enjoy good pay great benefits along with the power to abuse anyone with consequences. I have suffered under these people, however I have been more fortunate than many here as I have a Dr that fights back against these bureaucrats, and stands up to the politicians. My prayers and sympathy go out to all those whose suffering has been worsened by these people in power and the media who is manipulating all of it for the simple reason of profit as the more sensationalism they can bring to a story the more they can earn from advertising on their channels. Yes the media is even deeper into greed than the the wealthiest of big corporations.

posted November 12, 2020
A MyChronicPainTeam Member

You are so very right on everything you said. I don't know why they choose to hurt all of us but they sure did I use to say I wouldn't wish this kind of pain on anyone, but they person that came up with the Idea to hurt even the innocent ones in all this, I wish they could feel how we feel for one month. and nothing for pain. I bet they would rethink what they have done.

posted November 2, 2019
A MyChronicPainTeam Member

I've been away from the group for too many months. Y'all haven't been out of my thoughts! I apologize for not naming each person in my group and their situation in prayer individually! I know that God is aware of each one of us and our battles. It's my belief that He wants us to give Him our pain, mental and physical, to do as He will in His time. It's on us to open ourselves and invite Him in. There are times when that's been a hard thing to do. Those are the times when faith may be tested and I have to remember days like this one. My pain level today is so low that I don't know if I'm qualified to be a member. LOL 😆 Actually on days like today I need to remember to be grateful each and everyday.
Thank you to all who are working as hard as they have the ability to work for the Rights of every chronic pain patient. Everyone must be humanely, respectfully and compently treated for their condition.
Dear Father in Heaven I pray for each and every person who is signed up for this group and for the advocates of chronic pain patients. Please give pain relief to all who are hurting this very day. Please tell us how and help us further the process to bring treatments that we know work back to the people who are in need. Thank you Lord for your teachings, assistance, guidance and salvation. Amen 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

posted February 13, 2021
A MyChronicPainTeam Member

Everyone on this site and, anyone that has faith in you and the pain that you suffer, should answer and submit. The national pain report. We the people that suffer with chronic pain are being made the scapegoat so that others can make themselves the heroic saviors of society who will expelled the drug dealing demons who want to bring society down. We are simply suffering yet journalists and politicians have made us the evil demons who must be sacrificed for the good of the innocent who are being forced to push heroin into their veins not by their choice, but forced by the people who suffer chronic pain. The people who suffer chronic pain are fakes that are out to destroy all others. Their pain is fake, and otc aspirins, acetaminophen, and ibuprofens can defeat any pain these fakes make up. Unfortunately these are just words, but this is exactly how we are being portrayed by so called journalists and politicians. I use the term so called journalists simply because a true journalist would verify what they are being fed by the politicians and other journalists. A real journalist would not simply step in line and follow the others to the slaughter. Their job was supposed to be, to make the public aware of the untruths spread for anothers advancement, to bad todays journalists have become the same ones spreading misinformation for their personal advancement. That is how i have come to see these people, i have been involved in cases where i have read the articles and wondered where this happened as the case i was on did not occur this way. Seeing that i could have missed things i went back to check, and those cited as witnesses that the journalist talked to proved to me that they never talked with the journalist as they where in another town, or at work when the story cited them as an at home witness etc. Yes i personally have caught so called journalists lying on the local scale two of these journalists later went on to national positions because they where such good journalists. Each of those in national positions started somewhere on a local level, and no way anyone can convince me that i am the only to discover this, as i have talked with both local, state and federal law enforcement that have found the very same thing happening. I do not believe that this all a new trend in journalism, but it is just that more of us check into others so called facts and found them lacking in truth. Please we all need to YELL at these so called journalists and politicians so that we can he heard and simply exterminated the way the national Socialists workers party exterminated anyone with a disability in the 1930s in parts of Europe. That is the direction this country is headed in do not kid yourselves if you want to be treated fairly you must SCREAM loud enough to be heard above the others screaming that they are the only ones being misttrs

posted March 26, 2019

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