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How Do You Find A Good Pharmacy?

How Do You Find A Good Pharmacy?

I'm new here so plz forgive me if this has been aked. I've been to all the big name pharmacies
In Idaho and I feel like I'm being judged and treated like a drug addict every time I fill a prescription. Does anyone else have this issue? It's already exhausting to have to go pick up the paper script and sit there while they fill it. I understand there are abusers out there but pain patients are being negatively affected by these strict new laws.

A MyChronicPainTeam Member said:

It's so aggravating trying to get the help we need. First and foremost we have a daily fight within ourselves, then we have to find a doctor and get the right diagnosis and the meds to help. And then the wonderful pharmacy...mine always ask does your doctor know your taking whatever and no this too... well of course my doctor knows what I'm taking!!! He's the one that prescribed it!!! I always try to remind myself that my doctor and pharmacy work for me. I pay them for there services and if their are any issues I have the option to fire them and take my business else where. Now my husband has seen me battle with the pharmacy and he called the pharmacy and spoke with the pharmacist. She was very upset over the treatment I was given. Because all the others are techs that work under her and she has no idea the crap I was going through. I do have to say it's gotten better.

posted over 5 years ago
A MyChronicPainTeam Member said:

We do have some Pharmacy who employ people who think they are the doctor. Its your right to put them in their place. Like I take meds as needed. When i call for them the tech says its been here since the last of Sept. I say i take as needed, mabe you need to call my doc and have him to rewrite my scripts. They got the message to fill with no remarks.We all have that one ass who thinks the are god.

posted over 2 years ago
A MyChronicPainTeam Member said:

@A MyChronicPainTeam Member thank you for explaining. If we get repeat meds you just renew it each month and the prepay is for people like me who work, but don't qualify for free prescriptions. It's about the same price per item as you are paying for yours. I seriously believe our right wing gov are trying to destroy the NHS and move to a similar system here in the U.K. It's a joke really because we may national health stamps on top of tax to pay for it already. If it happens many people will be without medical care including me, most likely. It's a worry.

posted about 5 years ago
A MyChronicPainTeam Member said:

I’ve heard different things. The first problem is the big name pharmacies like Walmart and Walgreens have corporate rules that are totally up to them. It’s been going on longer than this CDC mess. One pharmacist at WM even told me that I’d be better off to use a mom and pop pharmacy. He said the med I was taking at the dose I took was one they “really watch”. I thought that was strange advice, telling me to use another pharmacy or get my med in a different strength. (Like 2 15’s instead of 1 30) I changed to a non-chain pharmacy, and no more problems. They knew my medical history and didn’t balk at my meds or doses.
ANYWAY...use a non-chain local pharmacy and you’ll avoid corporate rules...

posted 10 months ago
A MyChronicPainTeam Member said:

As a family you should all use a private chemist or big chemist ware house chemists as every time you go in to get your script a big end pharmacy chemist wants to know have you had these tablets before it would give me the shits thats why i use a private owned chemist he gets to nkow your family and what meds every one is on i get a month supply of meds each month no bull crap give than a script they give me the tablets on my account .all done .find a family chemist .

posted 12 months ago
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