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How do l get to sleep with back pain

How do l get to sleep with back pain

I have fractures to lumbar spine 1&4, a bad crush fracture to the Thoracic 10 and 11, a wedge fracture in my shoulder blade area and Scoliosis plus Osteoporosis and Osteo Arthritis so l give in around 9pm and go to bed, but it takes ages to relax and get comfortable.
The psychological dept at the Persistent Pain Clinic at the Nambour Hospital suggested staying up later to around 10pm or later. I doze until around 2am when l go to the toilet and then I take 2 Panadol Osteo… read more

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A MyChronicPainTeam Member said:

@A MyChronicPainTeam Member thank you for the contact and l am enjoying life more than l was before starting to get a better nights sleep with… read more

posted 4 months ago
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