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What Are People Using For Pain?
A MyChronicPainTeam Member asked a question πŸ’­

I am using oxycodone and want to find something else that works for chronic pain. What are some of you using for pain. My doctor won't let me use ibuprofen.

posted July 27, 2021
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A MyChronicPainTeam Member


posted August 6, 2021
A MyChronicPainTeam Member

I took my self off all pains meds cause they didnt work and causes more problems down the road. I started justing things that worked for me. I take muscle relaxers and they do help i also take lyrica on a high level but it does help

posted July 29, 2021
A MyChronicPainTeam Member

I use hydrocodone and also take 3 different muscle relaxants. I go through a lot of Tylenol, Advil, and ibuprofen. I understand what you are going through. Unfortunately I have not found anything that takes it away. I'm sorry with all that's happening but I do understand. Good luck and let me know if you find anything that works.

posted July 27, 2021
A MyChronicPainTeam Member

Be careful. Hydrocodone already has acetaminophen in it. Most do. Percocet. Oxy. Too much causes problems.

posted March 9, 2022
A MyChronicPainTeam Member

Methadone is a great pain med. The stigma with it needs to be addressed. It's an agonist so it helps w addiction. But still a great pain med. Can use other opiates with it.. Been used for hundred yrs.
Suboxone is an antagonist. Cannot use other opiates with it.

posted January 30, 2022

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