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I Have Osperpoiosis And Been Told By 2 Doctors Need Neck Back. Surgury?

I Have Osperpoiosis And Been Told By 2 Doctors Need Neck Back. Surgury?

Rheumatologist will not give clearence suffering bladder bowle problems more frequently? Pain is all time- spine leg both soles feet. Also autoimmune issues? Can't get relief other than presidone 3 times yr. Bones. On FORTEO 4 more months? Medicare ins. No biologic? Not sure what 2 do pain mgt. Keeps cutting meds can't even shower bath some days? Should I find different doc. Bypass clearence? Or is lifetime fixing back neck here own out? Anybody bone loss please help? Anxiety depression heart… read more

A MyChronicPainTeam Member said:

Hi Gina welcome to chronic pain site. Sounds like your in a tough spot. I encourage you to looking at food as medicine ...has helped me. Sorry your going through this.

Your friend in pain,


posted about 2 months ago
A MyChronicPainTeam Member said:

Bladder & bowel problem being uncontrolled release of stool could mean you have cauda equina syndrome. Pain management or neurosurgen's office needs to do a rectal exam to decide if your anal sphincter is flacid. If it is it is imperative that your lumbar spine be your #1 priority.! MRI is a great place to start. Let us know what they say.
I just re read my MRI report from May 2020… I still have this cauda equina syndrome at L1 level and nobody is mentioning it to me…

edited, originally posted about 2 months ago
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