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Anyone Feel Meds Working Better After Weight Loss?

Anyone Feel Meds Working Better After Weight Loss?

As many have experienced my meds were cut down over the past 2 years per the CDC and DEA nightmare attack on chorionic pain patients. Well, in an effort to help my meds help me better I decided the only thing open to me was to loose weight. I had ballooned up and over 400lbs. and I knew that couldn’t be helping all my problems
For the next year my wonderful wife created and is feeding me a salad and fruit bowl once a day for dinner. And that’s all I eat for the day
Now the salad is a… read more

A MyChronicPainTeam Member said:

I would suggest getting into physical therapy now that you are thinner so you can learn some stretches and strengthening. EXCELLENT JOB on you weight loss!

posted 10 days ago
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