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Is It Legal For Doctors To Refuse You As A New Patient Because Of A Complicated Medical History?

Is It Legal For Doctors To Refuse You As A New Patient Because Of A Complicated Medical History?

I had 3 separate doctors refuse me as a new patient because of my complicated medical issues and taking morphine which I have been on 12 years. I have never been accused of abusing my meds when asked to do pee tests every test was my script meds. I have a great doctors now I see him once a month and get all meds at once. I go to a small family owned pharmacy and I get to know them Jane when I couldn’t get my script during Covid he refilled all my meds no issue.

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A MyChronicPainTeam Member said:

Poodle, unfortunately it seems they are looking for any reason to kick people out. Chairs are the same in most of them. The worst part is that this mess with restricting opioids was simply "Guidelines". It is out of control.
I remember Ohio continually talking about the "opioid crisis " back in 2011. It was the beginning of their attack. Restricting was the goal. Our troops were guarding the poppy fields in Afghanistan. Now china controls that too. All of the NSAIDs are now from China. Vitimins. Most foods in our stores, china and other countries. Each event. Like the "opioid crisis " (real or imagined) intentionally disrupt and divert attention away from much worse. Amazingly, they started saying it was only guidelines, not intended to be law, yet republican govts ran with it, and started saying the may have made a mistake-right after winning a 2.3 billion lawsuit against two american producers. Will that wipe out the american competition?
The money they get from the lawsuits never goes to fix the problem they claimed in the first place.
Besides, as we have seen with the prior adm, they have unlimited supply to anything they want. Even McDonnell's chinese wife is connected to the 2 shipments of man made fentanyl intercepted.

posted 24 days ago
A MyChronicPainTeam Member said:

Lemmyhellcat, they do not have to take on anyone. It is their fear. Glad you found a good one. Small pharmacies are so much better. CVS was dividing my scripts into smaller amounts. 90 day tylenol 3 they would only give me 7 days at a time. Other script, 90 days, they give me 30 at a time. Ins company said they weren't doing it and focus said they weren't either. I changed to the local small pharmacy, they deliver too.

posted 27 days ago
A MyChronicPainTeam Member said:

Your so lucky. I had a pain mgmt md that I saw for 6 yrs. His nurse got a bee in her bonnet and got me kicked out over a minor schedule change I needed during the holidays. Every monthly visit was at least 3 hours of sitting in chairs designed to make you want to scream. I'm SO angry now over these arcane, asinine opioid laws. People are dying. People are committing suicide. Overdoses have gone through the roof. Somehow lawmakers aren't making the connection that their 2016 banbon opioids COULD be the cause!

posted 25 days ago
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