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What Can Be A Solution To Arthritis?
A MyChronicPainTeam Member asked a question 💭

I have unrelenting arthritis in my neck and shoulders, pain is almost unbearable from 3am to 10am. I take 75mg of Diclofenac sodium delayed release tablets twice a day but still have unbearable pain mostly in the mornings. The pain lessens as the day goes by but never completely subsides. It’s very hard to live like this, the pain fatigues me so. I’m 73 and a polio survivor.

posted January 7, 2023
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A MyChronicPainTeam Member

I know about PPS and it’s progressing effects, mostly fatigue and weakness. I’ve seen an orthopedic doctor in the past, they took X-rays. They told me I have bone spurs on the vertebrae of my neck which the pain radiates to my shoulders. I was given Diclofenac which helps but not all the time. Most physical exercise is not good for PPS and doctors refuse to prescribe pain medication so I suffer through the painful mornings. My faith helps me through the pain and gives me a reason to go on till He calls me home.
Thank you for your concern and response.

posted January 25, 2023
A MyChronicPainTeam Member

I had a cousin who had polio and I read up and found "Post Polio Syndrome" or something like that. Maybe that will help. Everyone is different, some get help by meds, some by injections, some by acpuncture, and some by Chiro. Make sure the Chiro takes xrays first. They take the same long 8 years of schooling, so they are doctors. They use manipulation to keep your spine in good condition. This has been helpful for many. Only you know, so back to the books and internet. We don't want to be an "armchair" doctor, but education is good so we know what to ask or possibly look into. Some pain doctors want alternative tried before more invasive treatments are done. Back surgery has a bad rap, but some have had great luck. You've gotten some good ideas from others. I'd like to add one more. My husband is having trouble and with the cold... it's very uncomfortable. Of course the cold doesn't help, but using a heating pad as soon as you are at your destination might help and he's even dressing warmer now!

posted January 24, 2023
A MyChronicPainTeam Member

I'm so sorry. Would they let you do any topical diclofenac? That helps me immediately for 4-6 hours. At least you could sleep. However, I do NOT take the pills. I have in the past. I know they want to be careful about how much stuff you're getting. Otherwise, Arnica oil is natural and also helps me, especially my neck and shoulders. Good luck!!

posted January 7, 2023

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