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Why Are We Being Treaing Like We Are Bad People Because We Are In Pain
A MyChronicPainTeam Member asked a question 💭

I know that they are bad people out there, but we are not one of them, and yet we get treated like we are bad, because we are in pain and what helps us is being decided by people who do not feel what we do

posted May 27, 2018
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A MyChronicPainTeam Member

Hi Donald and Jean;
Opiod deaths are considered a crisis right now and have been for a few years now. We are simply being penalized and doctors who prescribe them are getting their hands slapped with fines so they are scared to prescribe them to anyone. This is simply ridiculous.
Until groups of us stand up to the government and demand our right to an opiod that gives us a better way of life, this will remain the same.
If the doctors hands are now tied then where are the people who are ODing getting their drugs?? On the street and they are not pure, they are tainted...
This has nothing to do with our doctors.

We need to get together and stand up to the government. Anyone have any suggestions on how we can start? Perhaps start with a letter and a petition?

posted February 2, 2021
A MyChronicPainTeam Member

Basically, it all boils down to $$. The u.s. government spent a lot of time eyeing those "opioid suit settlements" to help line their pockets, so they set up the FAKE narrative of an "opioid epidemic" brought on by chronic pain patients and their pain medications. That scenario has NOT even been relative (or relevant) since 2010. PWUD don't "start out using prescriptions, then transition over to heroin." There IS NO heroin anymore; it's ALL adulterated with illicitly manufactured fentanyl (NOT the kind doctors use for surgery and prescriptions), along with ALL OTHER illicit drugs. IF someone is "taking pills," unless it is THEIR prescription, it is most likely a counterfeit pill (read: laced with illicit fentanyl). REAL pain patients who receive pain meds prescriptions RARELY divert their medications because they are needed. REAL pain patients do NOT "get high" from their prescription pain meds, either. NOW--while discussing the False Narrative set up by the u.s. government, it has become glaringly obvious that the REAL culprits are the Chinese chemists who create fenta-logs (fentanyl analogs) and then mail or ship them to Mexican drug cartels, who then set up distribution throughout epicenters within the u.s.a. The sad part?? The u.s. government KNOWS THIS, yet pretends to "care" about its people...HAHAHAHA...sorry, couldn't resist - gov only cares about greed and power and lining their own pockets. Their HIGHEST PAID professional witness in the "Opioid Trials," Andrew Kolodny, Ph.D., M.D., an ADDICTION SPECIALIST, NOT a pain-treating physician (actually NOT a human-treating physician at all!!!) STATED in a widely-shared quote that this generation needs to "DIE OFF" to get a grip on the opioid epidemic. Really. He said it. Look it up. It is NOT a prescription drug epidemic at all. It IS a polydrug overdose crisis, though. Hope this helps elucidate the topic a little for you. Don't hesitate to ask for more info.

posted November 28, 2022
A MyChronicPainTeam Member

@A MyChronicPainTeam Member Preaching and soap boxes do no good. One can only control their own behaviors and thoughts. I can say what works for me but not for thee. I'm doing fairly well but Ken has had multiple health problems. Rather then rehash it, when you have time just go to my page and read a few posts. Be safe my friend, stay well. Love and light. Barb

posted February 1, 2021
A MyChronicPainTeam Member

so many people do not understand what we go through with chronic pain, it is wrong the way we are treated. It is wrong and I did not make anyone put a needle in there arm, or do I push people to overdose on things they shouldn't. I wish people would take responsibly for their selves choosing to over dose, so please stop making us who follow the rules pay for the ones that don't.

posted June 17, 2018
A MyChronicPainTeam Member

After awhile your body builds a tolerance. They say you need to raise your dose. I was dropped from 6 to 4 when I saw a pm dr. I take the 4 a day. When they don’t work so well I’ll quit taking them to remind myself what pain is like w/o pain meds and after a few days, a week those 4 help a lot. I’ve been on 4 a day now for over a year. Sometimes I’ll take 3 then back to 4 so the 4 does help. It’s better than nothing. I’m thankful for what I get.

posted May 28, 2018

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