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Has anyone used Zilretta shot in the knee? Any good?

posted about 1 month ago by A MyChronicPainTeam User

Hi @A MyChronicPainTeam User if Zilretta is the same as quartazone injections then I have tried them. In the UK they usually give a total of 3… read more

posted 29 days ago

thanks for the input. I was looking for that "magic bullet", trying to avoid double knee replacement and hip. looks like that's my route in the future.

posted 28 days ago

I think you mean Cortisone?

posted 27 days ago

I hhave tried several shots in my knee. So far no help at all. Monday im going for something called a Double D. No clue whats in it. I just know it… read more

posted 24 days ago
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