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Does Anyone Know What Pain Meds Cause Weight Gain?

Does Anyone Know What Pain Meds Cause Weight Gain?

I used to take Aripriprazole 10mg per day but came off it last year to see if it would help me loose weight, it hasn’t helped & my mood has been affected, I feel so low & am thinking of seeing if I can go back on it.

A MyChronicPainTeam Member said:

It is hard to say.
What causes weight gain for some, may not for others.
So it is a case by case thing.
I hope this helps.

posted 20 days ago
A MyChronicPainTeam Member said:

Thanks Lawrence & Revdrgeraldjol.
I take 600mg of Pregabalin per day which takes the edge off the nerve pain but I think that is a weight gainer medication too. My Doctor has put me back on 5mg of Aripriprazole & I’ve definately noticed an improvement in my mood which is good!

posted 9 days ago
A MyChronicPainTeam Member said:

The first med that comes to mind is Gabapentin. Too high a dose has many problems, including weight gain, memory fog & others. Once the dose was lowered, I lost over 70lbs in about a year. I'm still benefiting some relief of my nerve pain at 2400mg total a day. I was at 3400mg a day when weight & thought were a significant problem. Lyrica is a possible substitution too.

Hope that helps...

posted 21 days ago
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