The Importance of Trusting Yourself

Posted on August 16, 2018

Studies have shown that the more we take ownership of our condition, the more engaged we are in maintaining behaviors that help us live better. An important factor in having the confidence to take this ownership is self-trust.

"If something doesn't seem right, I trust my gut and look for answers." -Member of MyChronicPainTeam

"When I was first diagnosed, I kept my mouth shut even if my doctor said something incorrect or wrong for my body. I'm learning to trust those feelings - my intuition - and speak up." -Member of MyChronicPainTeam

Here are some conversations about trust on MyChronicPainTeam:

"Having a good relationship with a doctor you trust and respect can really help you through those hard days. You said it yourself that their approach isn't working for you, but have you told them what does work for you?"

"Let me emphasize, YOU are the patient, you have to live with the pain, and if you aren't getting the treatment you need, which would be the meds you know were effective, then you have the right to good treatment. Switch Drs."

"If your doctor says there's nothing more he/she can do for you, find a new doctor. After living with chronic pain for 37 years, I've learned that I have to advocate for myself. I do my own research... I also make suggestions for my treatment, based on everything I've read. It's my body, I know best how I'm feeling. I don't try to 'play' doctor, of course, but after decades of pain, you do what you gotta do to try to get results."

Was there a moment when you doubted yourself and later realized that your instinct was right? Or an instance when you were glad you trusted yourself? Share that moment in the comments below or directly on

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